Godless Prayer Equals Powerless Prayer

Godless Prayer Equals Powerless Prayer

John 15:7

When we approach God we should remember this verse: John 15:7 “ If you abide in Me and, my word abides in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you”
Prayer presupposes abiding in God. The prayer of a man who will not abide in God is a prayer unheard, because without first being brought to life in God a man cannot know God and therefore cannot ask anything of God. When praying we must abide in God and He must abide in us.
Prayer is powerless if prayer is godless. Therefore, abide in God and you will surely be answered because you live in his house and just as a father will not overlook the pleas of their child, our Heavenly Father will not overlook His children.


  • What does abiding in God mean to you?
  • Do you only seek God when you need something?
  • How would your prayer life change if you strived to abide in God?
Written by: Bill Crawford
September 2020