Who Do You Say I Am: Claudia

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Only one solitary verse in all the Bible mentions the wife of Pontius Pilate. Within those few words, her name is not even stated. Matthew’s gospel records her cited cameo in the crucial moments of Jesus’ trial that soon would determine his fate. Court is officially in session when an interruption breaks the concentration of the Roman governor, Pilate. Matthew 27:19 says, “While he was sitting on the judge’s bench, his wife sent word to him, ‘Have nothing to do with that righteous man, for today I’ve suffered terribly in a dream because of him.”’” That’s it. Nothing more is ever mentioned in all the pages of the Bible about Pilate’s wife.
Who was this Claudia? What happened to her because of her dream? What was the source of her dream and how did she suffer from it? What did Claudia believe about Jesus? Who did she say Jesus was? No one truly knows the answers to these questions with certainty. What we do know is she had a dream, which so disturbed her emotionally and mentally, she had to do something even if it meant sacrificing her future.