The Power of Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness – Bill Crawford
Honestly, I’ve always struggled with forgiveness. It is alien to me. Yet as I grow a little older and realize just how little I deserve grace, it compels me to imitate Christ and forgive others. Holding a grudge means saying long after an offense, “I am hurt.” But forgiveness allows you to say, “I was hurt”. There is a huge difference.
Everyone has been burned, cut, bruised, or injured. But imagine never allowing a wound to heal to spite the one who dealt it to you. That’s what a grudge is. It’s refusing to heal until you get to inflict an injury on someone else. When I refuse to forgive others, I am condemning myself to re-live that pain every day until I forgive them.
Don’t delay! Don’t waste time and energy on a grudge that only hurts you. Forgive and be healed because Christ forgave you and is willing to heal you.

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  1. Shannon Publicover says:

    This is a struggle so many people including myself have, forgiveness. It should be easy, someone once told me that once you forgive, truly let it go and let God be the judge you can move on, but if you hold on every day you will become more bitter and have to relive your hurt and pain…. Give it all to God, he has a plan and a purpose!

    Thank you Billy…

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