Victory In Life’s Storms

Don’t run from your storm! For it is in the storm you discover Jesus will speak, “Peace be still.”

God Can Turn Your Trial Around

God may not remove you from the trial you are facing, but He does promise to turn it around if you belong to Him! Hold on, God has it under control!

Our Relationship With God Takes Effort

Relationships take effort!  It takes work and sacrifice to maintain a healthy marriage relationship and to ensure a couple is drawing closer to each other instead of drifting apart.  The same is true of our relationship wit God. It takes effort to draw closer to Him each day.

Your Life Can Be Redeemed!

Your life, no matter the mess it is in, can be redeemed by Jesus Christ!

“For I know that my Redeemer lives, And He shall stand at last on the earth;” Job 19:25

Keep your eyes on the conductor

Our lives are a beautiful symphony, but we must watch God, our conductor to ensure we hit every note and stay in time with Him!