May 14, 2017
Position Yourself to Receive From God
Series: general
In this message from Kelly Crawford, we learn the importance of positioning ourselves as we walk with the Lord to receive from and to be used by Him.
  • May 14, 2017Position Yourself to Receive From God
    May 14, 2017
    Position Yourself to Receive From God
    Series: general
    In this message from Kelly Crawford, we learn the importance of positioning ourselves as we walk with the Lord to receive from and to be used by Him.
  • May 7, 2017Just Outside the Gate
    May 7, 2017
    Just Outside the Gate
    Series: general
    In Acts chapter three, we read of a man who nearly spent his whole life begging for help from each passerby as they entered the temple to pray.  Never going beyond the gate, but always laid before it.  Never entering in to pray, but to rely on the mercy of man on the outside.  This day had been like most, but everything changed when two men, filled with the Spirit and obedient stopped before him.
  • Apr 30, 2017The Place of Blessing
    Apr 30, 2017
    The Place of Blessing
    Series: general
    In this message, Bill Crawford explores Abram's journey from Ur to the place of blessing and how we can apply the truth uncovered to our lives.
  • Apr 16, 2017Nobody But Jesus
    Apr 16, 2017
    Nobody But Jesus
    Psalm 118 is known as an Egyptian Hallel Psalm. “Hallel” is a Hebrew word that means “to praise” from which we get the word “Hallelujah!” The reason is it known as an Egyptian praise psalm is because it is one of the psalms that have been sung throughout the centuries as a way to remember how God rescued his people out of slavery in Egypt.  Many scholars believe Psalm 118 was a song sung by Jesus and His disciples at the conclusion of the His final Passover meal (Mark 14:26).  In this message, we look at this awesome Psalm from the perspective of Jesus and its foreshadowing of the sacrificial death He was about to endure.
  • Apr 9, 2017Palm Sunday
    Apr 9, 2017
    Palm Sunday
    When Jesus entered into the city of Jerusalem riding upon a donkey, Pilate would have seen Him as a Jewish rabbi who posed no threat to him or his rule.  The people saw Jesus as the Messiah, but did not understand what that truly meant.  In this message, we look at the details of Christ's triumphal entry and examine what Pilate and those worshiping Christ missed.
  • Apr 2, 2017God’s Voice In The Thunder
    Apr 2, 2017
    God’s Voice In The Thunder
    Jesus has cleansed the temple, risen Lazarus from the dead, and experienced the triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  There was a buzz of excitement around Him and the people could feel it.  Something big was about to happen, but what was it?  He wasn't intimidated by the religious elite, conquered death with but a word, and was being worshiped and adored.  There seemed to be no where to go but up!  Yet, in John 12, Jesus tells His listeners that He was troubled. Why?
  • Mar 26, 2017Nicodemus
    Mar 26, 2017
    When Nicodemus met with Jesus under cover of darkness, he was a man trying to figure out what this "teacher" was all about.  He had questions and Jesus patiently led him through the answers.  Using a story from Israel's history, Jesus provided Nicodemus with a graphic representation of who Jesus was and what He was there to do.
  • Mar 19, 2017Cleansing The Temple
    Mar 19, 2017
    Cleansing The Temple
    All four Gospels record when Jesus entered the temple during Passover and drove out the livestock and the money changers.  This indicates to you and I the importance of this event in the minds of the writers.  Why did Jesus do it? What did it mean? Was He making a statement? In this message, we answer these questions and dive into the significance of the Cleansing of the Temple.
  • Mar 12, 2017Simon Peter
    Mar 12, 2017
    Simon Peter
    In the latest message of our Easter series, "40 Days With Jesus," we focus on Mark 8:31-38.  In this passage, Simon Peter pulls Jesus aside to rebuke Him because Christ has told the disciples He is going to suffer and die.  As Peter begins his argument, Jesus interrupts and silences him with a powerful statement, "Get the behind me, Satan."  Why did Jesus respond so strongly to Peter? Let's find out!
  • Mar 5, 2017John the Baptist
    Mar 5, 2017
    John the Baptist
    Today, we began our Easter series, "40 Days With Jesus."  For the next seven Sundays, we will look at eyewitness accounts that dramatically retell the course of Christ’s ministry leading up to His crucifixion. In this message, we take a deeper look at Mark 1:9-15, which describes the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist.