Misplaced Faith

Misplaced Faith

Genesis 12:10-20

Genesis 20

In Genesis Chapter 12 and 20 we see the same theme play out. Abraham places his faith in worldly institutions over the divine God. Abraham convinced himself that it was safer to oblige the world with his own family, his own wife, rather than trust God to protect him.We see that nevertheless God does watch over and protect Abraham and Sarah, but not due to their actions but rather because of God’s grace. In both cases God spares the innocent (Pharaoh and Abimelech) and Abraham is rebuked.
There are times where we make compromises with the world and it’s institutions thinking that will keep us secure, but in reality this is an allusion. Security, comes from a continual faith in God to keep his promises. We see in the very next Chapter God blesses Abraham, first in Chapter 13 with a promise and then in chapter 21 with the fulfillment of that promise through a son.
This shows us God fulfills His covenants absent of obligation, that His grace is sufficient when our works are not. God may still take evil and use it for our good. Keep faith in God and by His works the promise will be fulfilled.


  • Have you ever placed your faith in the wrong person or thing?  What happened?
  • Has God made you a promise, but you feel you have failed Him too many times? Consider the promise of God to Abraham. His promises are based on who He is and not who we are!
Written by: Bill Crawford
September 2020

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