Ever Faithful: The Farmer Pt. 3

The Farmer Part 3

2 Timothy 2:1-7

Watering the Seed: Digging Ditches

The Farmer has a responsibility to feed and water the seeds planted. It should be our joy when we see a new faith take root to endeavor to grow our new brothers faith in Christ. Watering is a tricky thing, as it usually requires a source greater than man can carry or provide. Ancient cultures would usually have two options: Rain form above, or a river from below. To properly water a field large ditches would need to be built. These ditches brought water to the fields so the seeds could drink and receive this necessary component for growth.
Many times, Christians make the mistake of thinking WE are the source of our brother’s faith. We believe f the pastor fails, the clergy has scandal, the congregation is rude then the source is gone. This is a lie! All these things are obstructions, things to be removed, minimized, and undermined whenever spotted, but they in themselves do not provide water to the seed of a man’s faith. The Duty of the Church is to irrigate the field and provide seeds with a water source: Christ.
We bring his living water to them by means of canals of righteousness. We endeavor to clear the way and fill them with God’s love and grace by directing them to God Himself. While the things before mentioned can obstruct water, they cannot remove it. When we are dealing with digging the ditches and trenches of ministry, we endeavor to do this for the seeds and the collective good of the fields. If there is a large rock, we break it with the hammer of discernment and correction. We affirm Christ and his goodness and we must remind ourselves that the work of watering requires first and foremost a source without which we have no hope: Jesus Christ.
Written by: Bill Crawford
September 2020
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