Ever Faithful: The Farmer Pt. 1

The Farmer Part 1

2 Timothy 2:1-7

The Farmer is an icon of patience, hard work, and consistency. He, more than anyone, knows the value of the hard work it takes day in and day out to reap a bountiful harvest. Paul encourages Timothy to emulate the farmer in his approach to hard work. The farmer has certain steps to follow in order to better ensure a good harvest and as we look at each of them, we will understand their significance to the Christian life.

Preparing the Soil

Before we can discuss the work of planting, watering, and harvesting we must first look at the soil we are using. When a farmer seeks to plant a field, he must prepare the soil and make sure it is ready for the seed. Oftentimes, we rush straight to the watering, expecting a harvest and we have not even prepared the ground for planting. The soil must be tilled and ploughed to ready it to accept seed for a healthy harvest.
This groundwork is missing for many of us. Before a man can exercise faith, he must know where his faith lies. His soil must be tilled by the truth of Christ crucified and he must have his world and environment tilled. A man should know where he stands with God and his position should be made clear so that there is no confusion regarding the planting of crops.
Right now, men are planting on a soil of self-righteousness, politics, culture, and worldly wisdom. Before we may even plant the seed, we must break down this worldview by tilling it away and loosening it up. A seed that falls on hard soil will not grow. Just as the famer loosens the soil with a plough, the Christian loosens a man’s heart with the truth of the Gospel. There is no greater assurance of faith than a man who has been broken down by the plough of truth, because he is fresh and ready for a new season of planted life. Broken men make fertile fields for a saving faith.
Written by: Bill Crawford
September 2020
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