Spiritual Warfare!

This was one of my favorite series over the last two years.  Please take some time to listen to it.
“Whether we accept it or not, there is a battle raging all around us every day of our lives. This battle is spiritual and unseen by the eyes of man, but it is very real. In this series we discuss the enemy, the battle, and the armor that God provides us.”

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Greek Mythology Vs. Bible Theology

As I write this blog I’m riding in the car with my boys who are watching a movie about Hercules.  My center child, Bill, is a Greek mythology expert who can talk for hours about the intricacies of Zeus, his children, and all of his brothers and sisters.  I’m not sure why he is so fascinated with these mythical beings, but something jumps out at me every time he brings them up; they are gods with the weaknesses and shortcomings of men.

It is as if their creators knew a higher power existed, but in an effort to relate they attributed to him or her human frailty and self-centeredness.  These gods lusted, stole, murdered, envied, and committed heinous acts in the name of self-fulfillment.  In short, they had the power to act on every evil desire and carry out any despicable plan a reprobate mind could concoct. It should come as no surprise their followers lived in a constant state of fear and anxiety in their daily lives. 


Compassion: A Call To Action

Show-Mercy-Worship-BackgrouWhen God burdened my heart with the vision for Revive Outreach Church, He placed a single word into my spirit; compassion.  Compassion is something we often talk about, but do we truly understand what it means?  Matthew chapter nine gives us a glimpse of the true meaning of compassion as demonstrated by Jesus.

Matthew 9:35, 36 – Then Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people.  But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd.

When Jesus saw the people, He saw them as lost, scatted, and without any hope of salvation.  As a result, He had compassion for them.  The Greek word translated compassion in these verses is not simply a feeling of pity, but it was a call to action.  Jesus wanted to help them and help them He did.  He gave His life freely for them and provided the hope they so desperately needed through His sacrifice.


We Need Your Help!

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we need your help!

ROC is very active in our community ministering to students, families, and seniors. We partner with local homeless ministries to provide emergency first aid kits and food kits. By God’s grace, we’ve raised nearly $10,000 for World Vision in the last two years and packed 280 shoe boxes for operation Christmas Child.

The good news is we have outgrown the space we currently utilize; especially our student ministry. And as many of you are aware, we are in the process of renovating 5,000 sqft of space as a home for our church. It is our desire to remain debt free so that we can continue to minister through compassion, service, and evangelism.


Living a Life of Integrity!

In this series, we look at the life of Daniel and how he reflected integrity in every aspect of daily living. He refused to compromise his relationship with God for personal gain or to save himself from certain death. We should all strive to honor God with a life of integrity, but we must first understand what integrity is, its costs, and how it is rewarded by God. Please join us on this journey through the life of Daniel.

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